Maxi Dress!!! Summer is nearly upon us

Hi Guys

I really hope everyone’s been enjoying the few days of sunshine we have had in the UK so far? I’m a real heat freak and I just love the sunshine. I really love to welcome the warmer months (or days, as is the case in the UK) with some lovely floral prints and I absolutely love maxi gowns for this time of year, they are just perfect; easy to wear and extremely versatile, a maxi dress is a must for every wardrobe. Imagine the possibilities and the combinations you can achieve from making your own maxi dress; you could colour block for a fresh look, go floral for some feminine chic, and embellish or accessorize your dress to you heart’s content, to make it as understated or as overstated as you wish. With this in mind and the numerous requests for new workshop dates, i have decided to add new workshop dates!!! and you guessed it, we are making this pretty number:

CSC_0095 - Copy


I have added only 5 dates for this workshop so spaces are very limited; get booking guys!!! Here’s the link

I have been extremely busy working on my new studio and other things, all very exciting, but have kept me completely busy. I will do a tutorial for something as soon as I possibly can, I’m thinking something up-cycled, let me know your opinions and watch this space for it

Till we meet again, stay fabulous and have a blessed week





  1. Upcycle Ideas for the stack of t-shirts that I have! And I know all my girlfriends have too. Many loved ones from our more youthful days, orfavourites that we can’t possibly throw away and the many that have somehow just hot too small for us!!! Shrinkage rather than our expanding bodies! Lots have great features or designs on the front that seem too good to just throw away.
    Hense we all have stacks of t-shirts like comfort blankets squireled away.

  2. Hi Chinello I hope that you are well and have been busy designing and creating beautiful clothes as always 🙂 I was wondering if you sent out the video for making the peplum top as I did not receive it?. I was also wondering if I can arrange a meeting with you to discuss bridesmaids dresses. Let me know when is a good time for you. Thank you

    Yetunde Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 21:05:53 +0000 To:

  3. Would this be suitable for a UK size 28? And where does the waistband sit? I couldn’t wear anything that sits on my natural waist!

      1. That’s exactly the kind of thing I like, thanks Chinello. I am so excited – the only commercial dress patterns in my size are tents!! See you in July xx

  4. Ooh I love a maxi dress! Have a few – one I made! Hoping to make more. At least that way they can be made the right length – all the ones in the shops seem to be for Amazonian warriors of 6ft plus! Currently taking several inches off a Jane Norman one so that I can wear it without cleaning the street at the same time! x

  5. Hi, I’m getting married next year and would LOVE to make my own wedding dress (or at least help to create it). I’m quite a creative person, and have a good understanding of what works well for my body shape, but have less experience with dress making, having just made a few items of clothing/curtains/cushions in the past. I know it’s a long shot, but was wondering if you would be available to offer advice/guidance to help me get started on this project, or help adapting/creating a pattern for the dress? I thought the couture dress you made in the final was gorgeous! Huge respect!

  6. Hello Chinelo,

    I attended your maxi dress class a few weeks ago and have made a few versions already! I am very interested in your peplum top class, but you mentioned that you are unlikely to hold one of those in the near future. You also mentioned that you had a step by step video for the construction of the top and I was wondering if you would consider sending it to me? I am happy to also pay a fee for the video instead of a class if that would be possible.

    Thank you! & kind regards, Judith

    07903 761 176

  7. Hi Chinelo.
    I attended this workshop, but haven’t received the video tutorial yet. Have you had a chance to finish it and email it out? The workshop was really great, and a good challenge. I’ve had some lovely comments on my dress.
    I would also like to second Judith’s request for you to share the video tutorial for the peplum top. Since attending the maxi-dress workshop I have moved overseas and can’t attend your workshops any more. I would willingly pay for the video tutorial if that is possible. Can you contact me to let me know if there is any way to arrange this.
    Many thanks

  8. Please come back to your blog! We want more!

    Just saw reruns of Sewing Bee & loved your vision the best! So inspiring, and gonna make this Maxi for summer 2018!

    You are wanted! Kris

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