1. Is there any chance you could teach your cutting method online (for a fee, not free) as there are probably a lot of sewists who cannot get to London for your course?

    1. Yes, Chinelo, it would be great if you could give online courses too, for a fee of course, for those not able to go to London! I really admire your natural talent and modesty, please be more confident, you have every reason to do so!

    2. I just suggested this on platform… Suggest if lots of folks maks same suggestion maybe they will approach chinelo. There are excellent online classes but this would be a great addition.

  2. You were swizzed Chinelo. You should have won. Style and panache, talent and amazing ability to create garments without patterns. Who needs to know how to make a boring, old-fashioned tie?!

    1. Absolutely with Tina on this – you were my winner from week one, and every week I’ve said ‘I want a Chinelo dress’. I’m a knitter and embroiderer, but my mum’s a sewer and I’m having my first sewing machine lesson with her (since school of course) next weekend 🙂 Just as soon as I’m proficient enough I’m coming to Bow to learn to cut! Can’t wait, so more workshops soon please! You’re an inspiration lovely: well, well done 🙂

  3. I have been designing and sewing for 40 years, your ability to recreate garments astounded me .True talents and skill and my hubbie and I thought your last gown was stunning. You were our winner!

  4. Your garments were fabulous loved them you should have won fantastic gown in the final that fitted Rose like a glove

  5. Chinelo ur work is amazin.!freehand cutting is an amazin skill to have ! U wer me an my mums fav the complete series and fascinating to watch. obviously uv struck up a fan base now lol.u shud b very proud of how far uv come .im sure the future will hold brilliant opportunities for u :)) enjoy and WELL DONE :))

  6. Hi Chinelo I have been so inspired by your creative ideas and free cutting. It’s open my eyes to what can be achieved. Good luck with all of your up and coming projects. If you are going to offer workshops online for a fee, or make a trip up North please can you keep us all posted 🙂

  7. Well done Chinelo you were by far the best and should have won. Every garment you made was outstanding. What went on there with the selection.? You are creative, very talented and I wish you the best. You will be very successful I know. I’m looking forward to your blog. Lisa

  8. You did AMAZINGLY well throughout the whole challenge Chinelo! Well done, it was great watching you – and i’m loving learning the free hand sewing technique from you so please keep blogging – you have a huge fan club!

  9. Congratulations on what you have achieved over the weeks in GBSB, you are a truly talented young lady and an inspiration to many, it is exciting to think of what you can achieve with your free hand cutting ability in the future, good luck on your journey and all that it holds for you and your family,

  10. Well done Chinelo! You were my favourite from the start and gutted you didn’t ‘win’ the Sewing Bee. I always looked forward to your designs, including the beautiful Ankara tops you wore each week. Remember JLS went on to be far more successful than the winner of X-Factor that year, so I believe same for you!

    Like you, my husband bought me my sewing machine over a year ago and I have been having a go since. You’ve truly inspired me to pursue my second passion, the other being hair and beauty 🙂

    PS: Your Pastor [Deborah] is a good friend of my mum’s and my mum actually knows you.

    God bless x

  11. Just watched the final. Heathers dress was amazing but overall thought you were the best seamstress. Well done you are an inspiration! X

  12. I echo all the above comments. You are truly inspirational and exceptionally talented.
    Well done and all the very best for the future. X

  13. Thank you for the fantastic and inspirational job you did in GBSB! I hope you’r starting with online lessons because I’m living Norway. Yes, the hole world is watching you 😉

  14. Chinelo,
    Ditto, all the above. I was mesmerised at your art, talent and overal gift of dress making. I also had you as the winner, well before finals.
    I have a few pieces of fabric that I buy in the hope to make outfits that I really want to wear rather than what’s in the shops. My sewing machine gets neglected due to work and finding little me time, but you have inspired me a great deal. I look forward to attending one of your workshops to kick star me.
    I see great things hopping for you in the future.😊

  15. It was such a shame that you didnt win, you were definately the most talented sewer there. I absolutely loved, how you’d make beautiful garments without any patterns, I really admire your skills. As everyone else has said if you’d be willing to do online tutorials i’d be customer.

  16. Congratulations Chinelo. I’m sure this will launch you on a successful new career as you are very talented and inspirational. I loved watching you and I was rooting for you from the start.

  17. Congratulations, Chinelo. You were my favourite to win too, but how lovely to see everyone hug and be happy for each other when all was done. I hope you do some online tutorials at some point as sticking to patterns doesn’t suit me and I want to get creative with a sewing machine.

  18. Hey Chinelo, I love your work and believe it or not but I have decided to learn how to sew all thanks to the sewing bee challenge. I wanted you to win soo bad and I loved all the items you made during the show. Can you please do youtube tutorials on how to make stuff without using patterns!! Thanks

  19. Just watched sewing bee on catch up. I have been routing for you through the whole programme and was gutted when you lost. Your ability to see something in your mind and just cut it out freehand is phenomenal. Whilst Heather’s dress was nice, yours was by far the best and you showed true skill throughout every week. Keep up the great work and PLEASE share your skills with us.

  20. Keeps being mentioned that the other contestants had more experience than Chinelo, which is true. I felt that did NOT hinder her because the general consensus is that she should have won, which goes to show how good she is. It was obvious from the start that this beautiful young lady was something special. And having less experience, to me, works in her favor, as she has time to learn, to grow, to incorporate her skills with today’s sewing, and if she can create such stunning outfits now, wow the future is going to be bright. And I want to thank her for inspiring me to sew again. She has been a breath of fresh air on Sewing Bee, and it will be exciting to see how her passion for sewing develops. Wishing Chinelo the best of luck ( not that you need it Lol)

  21. Wow!! I have only just caught up with the Sewing Bee final (sorry I’m behind!!) and am stunned you didn’t win! Heather was lovely and a very good sewer of course, but I was disappointed they didn’t chose you based on that amazing dress alone!! You were my favourite from quite early on as I think your ability to make garments without a pattern is incredible. Your sense of style is of course breathtaking. I predict big things (not that my opinion really counts-ha!) and I for one would love to see more of you on our screens and of course have a dress made by you. In the meantime, as a novice to the sewing game (I’ve made a basic top) I shall follow your blog with keen interest. Good luck and best wishes.

  22. Dearest,

    Many told you before here in the comments.
    I live in Belgium and started sewing on my own without any lessons,I think I do it for a little more then 2 years but I am not a freehand cutter.

    I hope to learn more from you via this blog

    Greetings and keep up the good work.

  23. Hey chinelo, I have to just say how wonderful The sewing bee was, truly a fab evenings entertainment had by all and so inspirational. I am sure you get this a lot, but I would love to attend one of your free pattern cutting workshops if you are ever going to do more…if I ask nicely??? Do you think you will set some more up????..pleeeeeease pleassseee say you will….as I have 2 here that are longing to attend them xx Thank you

    1. Hi Lucy. Thank you so much, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the bee, I must say Tuesday nights haven’t been the same without it. I will be posting new dates this week so please keep a look out for those. have a lovely evening xxx

  24. is there any chance you could do a tutorial of how to make some high wasted elasticated summer shorts? i want so many different patterned shorts..its just the making thats the problem!! they look so cool x

  25. I like to sew .I am also a free hand sewer but with a problem.I am not good at, set the sleeve in the body of the dress.I use same method of making sleeve but end up either sleeve is bigger or armhole is bigger.for this reason I have to hand sewn my sleeve first .even it is not the same size.What I should do to come up with a accurate size so both fit correctly together. Any help please????

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  27. Hello Chinelo. Please can you make your book available for sale on Nigeria online shopping platforms such as or to make it easy for Sales and delivery for your Nigerian audience like me.

  28. Hello everyone, you all like Chinelo as much as we do! I’m one of those who couldn’t get to London for a tutorial. I’ve looked everywhere for a pattern for trousers with a high waist (worn above above the natural waistline). Does anyone know of one please? Frances Carol

  29. So glad I came across your book, yes the tailors in Africa don’t use a pattern. Coming from Kenya the tailors I used could create a garment based on a picture. Could you make videos on Craftsy, Vimeo or a DVD based on your book? Ta

  30. I agree with the above comments.

    I have bought your book, it came today but I was disappointed there were no details about how to create trouser patterns which is why I bought the book, trousers are so easy if you have a good pattern but hard to fit if you are between sizes and have a bit of a ‘ muffin top ‘ .

    I would be happy to pay for trouser guidance.

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