1. I loved the fabric that you used to make the 30’s style blouse (GBSB) and would love to know what it was , so I can buy some for myself. Any chance you could send me the details please. Love what you are doing on the Great British Sewing Bee- wish I’d been taught by your aunt!

  2. hi Chinelo, please when is your next workshop. i have used freehand in the past but have been using paper drafting as its the most commonly used in the UK. i wont mind a refresher course.

    1. From what I googled, there is a workshop on tomorrow at the cloth clinic (somewhere in sufflok) and in June she is holding another workshop at Emm’s and sew much more (Droitwich – Worcestershire)

  3. Good luck with your ventures, Chinelo. You created some wonderful dresses on the Sewingbee and I much admire your freehand cutting technique. Wish I lived closer to get to a workshop. Thank you for your inspiration .Julie

  4. chinelo I have just watched the final and immediately found your blog once it was mentioned. I was rooting for you all along, for me you were the best by far due to your ability to freehand and your natural sense of style. Please please do lots more workshops and I will definitely attend as I am sure will many others. I also look forward to the women’s line you are creating. Thankyou for some great viewing the last 8 weeks, I have eagerly anticipated your creations.
    candice x

  5. Hi Chinelo, We followed you on the British Sewing Bee and wouw you make beautiful things.
    I wish I lived not far from you so I could come to your lessons. I wish you a lot of succes with your blog and a log of fun. Greetings<; Mathy from Belgium xxx

  6. Hi love to attend a workshop, only found you today so missed by a few days, please do another I’ll come.
    Loved watching you and wow you are tallented, I can’t believe you have been sewing for such a short time.

  7. Hello Chinelo,
    I enjoyed watching the whole series of the sewing bee and you were my favourite to win. The grey peplum skirt was my favourite garment you made, it was simple and very effective I would definitely wear it myself. Good luck with all your projects, I especially look forward to seeing the womens line you are creating. :)))))))

  8. Hi Chinelo,
    You were my favourite all the way in Sewing Bee. You can do amazing sewing without any pattern, that’s the skill not everybody can do. Wish you good luck with your new projects! 🙂

  9. Delightfully refreshing aptitude to dress making, wonderfully creative – brilliant. Congratulations and good luck with your new ventures!

  10. Hi Chinelo, many congratulations on all your achievements during the Great British Sewing Bee. I’m delighted that you have this blog, I’ll be following and I only wished I lived in London to avail of your workshops! I can’t wait to see your range of clothing, you are a true inspiration. Joan from Belfast x

  11. Hi Chinelo. I admired you so much during the GBSB – what wonderful skills you have and congratulations on your great achievement. Thank you for inspiring me to take up sewing again. I have signed up for a 2-day workshop here in Brussels. I look forward to watching you grow in whatever you do – I wish you every success. Ann

  12. You are a worthy winner in my eyes Chinelo. I so wish I lived closer to London so that I could take one of your courses, one day perhaps. Keep up the great work. I shall be following your blog for ever………you’re the tops!

  13. I really admired your work on the sewing bee and I would love to learn how to sew such great dresses….problem is I am a 63 year old size 20! I dont have a waist! I would love to see how you would meet the challenge of designing something for someone who is apple shaped? Surely someone somewhere could produce an elegant dress for us larger ladies..I am sick of looking a frump.If anyone could do it it would be you. I was really routing for you. You have wonderful taste and will go far.

    1. hope I’m not treading on any toes here, but wanted to point you Pam, in the direction of pattern review dot com: there are lots of larger sewing ladies on there producing elegant flattering clothes for themselves. All the best, French Seam

  14. Hi Chinelo,
    I have loved watching you on the sewing bee and I hop at some point you’ll release a book or e-course on freehand cutting as I’d love to learn.
    I find watching the sewing bee so inspiring. Seeing people with such a range of experience move out of their comfort zones and trying new things has increased my confidence to give things a go.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    1. I was blown away by Chinelo’s cutting skills, what a talent. I’ve just found her on YouTube and will be following her progress, wishing her all the best in her future career as a ‘couturier’

  15. HI Chinelo, I have been following you in GBSB from New Zealand. I have been a life long confident sewer and in total admiration to your freehand approach. When you were sewing the Tie I just wanted to jump into the screen and show you what to do…all the best to your future sewing career. Janice. PS..going to sew a tie for my Sister so she can wear it as a belt.

  16. Hi Chinelo,
    Huge congrats on reaching the GBSB final. I rooted for you every week and loved your clothes, particularly the child’s dress you did for the final…it was sublime! As the mother of a petite 3 old I wondered if you would consider selling it / doing a commission. Please let me know when / if you have a moment all the very best for the future. I’m sure you’ll go far. X

  17. Hi Chinelo. I am a Nigerian and I am into free hand cutting and sewing. But I find your methods of free hand cutting refreshing. I am trying the it out. Keep up the creativity. Anyway I stumbled on your site by mistake while searching for something about dressmaking on the net. Would have loved to have you closer. Dress baking is a passion we share.

  18. Hi Chinelo. I have just watched the last episode in the 2014 Great British Sew-Off. I live in Australia and one of my students mentioned that she had seen the competition. My mother was a trained couture dressmaker and I am self-taught. 45 years of pins, mistakes, unpicking (lots of) and sewing satisfaction. Sewing has been such an outlet for my abundant creative ideas. My mother was a freehand cutter and you are only the second person I have seen with the skill. I shed many a tear watching you sew because you reminded me of Mum who passed 18 years ago. Thank you and keep up your great work encouraging others to sew.

  19. Hi Chinelo, A warm hello from Canada…. 🙂
    I stumbled upon the Great British Sewing Bee series only recently, and binge watched seasons 1 & 2 to my hearts content! Like so many others, I admire your freehand cutting style, and my daughter and I were rooting for you to win! It is truly amazing that you learned to sew just a couple of years ago – you have a gift and natural flair.

    Congratulations on making it to the finals! You have inspired me to go back to my sewing room – my favourite nook – and learn to freehand cut.


  20. I just found gbsb here in Canada and have watched avidly. I truly liked the free hand cutting and had never seen it done. Truly amazing. How far ahead do you book your workshops maybe on a vacation to GB I could get to one. Please think about teaching on something like Craftsy where everyone could take a class

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