This blog is all about the creative world of dressmaking, but not as most may know it. here I will offer step by step tutorials on how to make your own garments without a commercial pattern. This is sewing as it was done years ago and is still done in some parts of the world. freehand cutting frees you from the restrictions of a commercial pattern and gives you the boldness to design and make your original outfits. At first glance it may seem a little bit tricky, believe me when I went to watch my tailor the first time I was baffled, but after the first approach it will all start to make sense so don’t give up.

As well as pictures I will also upload as many videos unto my YouTube channel and post the link for each video in the relevant tutorial. Please feel free to ask me any questions, send me your suggestion on what you would like me to make and please send me pictures of the projects you make using the freehand cutting method. follow me on twitter and instagram @chinelobally, its gonna be an exciting year

Enjoy xxx



  1. Congratulations on doing so well in The Sewing Bee. Your final dress was stunning, I loved the detail and exquisite hand sewing. I have loved following your story and find your garments amazing. You are a very talented lady. I wish you well for the future xxx

  2. Just finished watching sewing Bee. Much as I loved Heather’s final gown I still think you should have won. I learnt the basics of sewing from a pattern 35 years ago and feel frustrated not to know how to turn my own ideas into clothes that fit. I have never seen anyone who cuts and sews the way you do! You have an amazing talent! Wish I could do it! I am now inspired – just have to make that first cut in the fabric…

  3. Chinelo, as a plus size sewer you have inspired me to try free hand cutting to create clothing for a better fit. I always have to adapt bought patterns so I may as well make them as you do! It was such a pleasure to watch you each week. Please continue with your blogs and videos. Best wishes for the future. You will always be a winner to us!

  4. Hi Chinelo I sooo sooo wanted you to win sewingbee – I watched with baited breath. But you are a winner in many peoples’s eyes and the sky is the limit with your talent. My beloved mother who has passed used freehand cutting technique for many of the garments she constructed. and especially when clients had unusual shapes. The programme has inspired many people to rekindle this satisfying craft (when its not giving you trouble of course) I watched the programme in Barbados. Good luck for the future and I will be following your Blog.

  5. Extremely gutted that you didn’t win the sewing bee, you had my eyes and my vote from the very first program and I found how you could make a stunning outfit without a pattern mesmerizing and inspiring. I loved how unique and gorgeous each item was and I think you should be immensely proud of yourself and I really hope to see your name on a clothing line soon as I would feel honored and very special to have a Chinelo piece in my wardrobe. Good luck for the future and congratulations on all you have achieved xx

  6. WELL DONE! That dress was gorgeous! I think you’re incredibly talented, and I always looked forward to your creations every week on the sewing bee. Your sewing seems to come right from your heart, because it is free and unrestrained, like a bird flying.

  7. I was rooting for you last night as I really like your particular style of sewing. But to end up in the final is a fabulous achievement.
    Well done.

  8. You were my favourite to win the sewing bee right from the first episode – such a shame you were pipped to the post! This blog is wonderful though and I wish you all the best, you really are incredibly talented. Also more to the point – I want your clothes!!! The outfits you wore on sewing bee were to die for – do you have any more sewing workshops planned? xxx

    1. Thanks for your compliment. Please keep an eye on my twitter @chinelobally and my blog http://www.chinelobally.com as I’m working on several dates for courses and workshops. This will all be announced on twitter and my blog.

      Warmest Regards Chinelo xxx

      On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 7:26 PM, chinelo bally wrote:


  9. I think you are an amazing and inspiring seamstress and hope to see you in person doing demonstrations of free hnd cutting. thank you for sharing your talent with fellow sewers.

  10. I have learnt a lot from your blog. You have rejuvenated the urge for sewing in me. Please can you do something on trousers,like how to cut and sew trousers. Would love to learn that. Odinakachi from Nigeria.

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